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How to buy a property in Turkey

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This guide allowing foreign nationals buying property in Turkey to do so as smooth and safe as possible.

Buying a home overseas may not be as easy as buying in your home country. The main reasons people sometimes not to think buying overseas property is risky.

They fear of being defrauded and losing money as well as time.

We have all heard about property scams in Turkey happened in the past.

Differences in laws and legal systems in the two different countries real estate transactions, weaknesses in the legislation for foreign nationals buying property in the foreign country, language barriers, the feeling of ‘lack of direct control’ over the process, make people hesitate about buying abroad.

We fully understand and appreciate these concerns. We have therefore put in place solid guidelines and recommendations in order to help you buy property in Turkey in the safest and smoothest way possible.

After many practices as well as a great deal of experience, we advise you how to minimize and eliminate risks.

Please follow the guidelines to buying a home in Turkey to ensure that your home inTurkey becomes a peaceful and rewarding reality.

Do your search before you sign an any contract.
Firstly decide the best suits your needs, budget, and expected lifestyle and which region in Turkey

Make business with reliable and reputable estate agents, make sure they understand you and your requirements. Express your demand, your estate agent will find it difficult to find the right property for you without fully understanding your requirements

Get to know the area before you buy or sign anything.You will need to visit the area few times, get to know the surroundings, try out the local restaurants and cuisine, when you are thinking to buy a home in Turkey.

You can join for a professionally organized inspection trips with a reputable estate agency company will help you in your property search to a great extent.

See enough options before you made your decicions to make sure you are settled on the right one.

Negotiate on the price and terms of the purchase.
So you can secure significant discounts from developers as well as private sellers as it is buyers market nowadays.

After being sure that you found the right property for yourself, you can start the purchasing process.

Even It’s not compulsory to have a lawyer in Turkey for buying process of any property transaction, we highly recommend you to deal with property solicitor during your buying process.

Firstly legal checkes and searches (title deed check, any debt attached on the title deed, any restriction on the property and military clearances) about the title deed has to be completed by the estate agent or solicitor.

After all the legal checkes if the title deed clear, than you can put deposit and sign the contract (first checked by the solicitor) for the said property.
Preferable sign with the solicitor together. İn this case;  your lawyer should carry out, checks on the proposed contract of sale to make sure its terms are fair and cover all the necessary points needed to protect you.

You can grant a power of attorney (POA) to a solicitor in Turkey to conclude the deal on your behalf. If so, you dont have to come back to Turkey just for finalising the sale process.

POA saves your time, you don’t need to stay in the country while the purchase is going through. It is done at the Notary and aprox. 500 TL around.

Complention of the sale might take 4 to 6 weeks. 

PS: If your estate agent reliable agent and you are sure the agent doing their job properly you dont need to ask for a solicitor.

Generally property is sold freehold in Turkey registered in your name.

Receiving Title Deed (TAPU) ; Once all paperwork and both sides have carried out their contractual obligations your home will be registered to your name and you will receive the title deed (TAPU) to your new home in Turkey.

That completes guide to buying a property in Turkey.

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