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Paying my councel tax in Turkey

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Paying my councel tax in Turkey

Turkish and Foreign nationals who own property/land in Turkey are legally required to pay Local Councel Tax. 

Firstly you need to register your land or property with your local council office (Belediye).

The following documents are required: 

title deed copy

passport copy 

Turkish tax number 

The amount of property tax paid is designate according to the size (square metres) of the property or land. 

You need to visit your local Belediye to find out when your payments are due, 
you can pay annually or twice a year.

First payment between 1March -31 May, second payment between 1th Nowember- 31th December

Payments are accepted in cash and are payable at the Council Offices and some councils allow you to pay online.

If you make a late payment you will incur a small fine. If you are unsure of when you need to pay, contact your local council office.

You need to take a form of id and your Tapu to pay your land tax.

If you sell your property you need to get a document from the council confirming you have paid any outstanding taxes before the sale can be completed. 

Can a person pay the land tax on my behalf?

Yes, if they have are supplied with your documents, you can appoint a property management company to pay all your bills on your behalf.

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